Two Ways You can Benefit from Coaching

One-On-One Coaching

Begin your journey to your personal best. The hallmark of coaching is working with the whole person, taking time to listen to their concerns, asking powerful questions and using specialized skills that can help motivate clients to achieve their life-enhancing goals. The client sets the agenda for the change they want to make. Goals could include career development, relationship enhancement, weight management, coping with chronic illness or stress, incorporating more rest, and increasing physical activity. The safe alliance between coach and client creates and maintains powerful motivation to stay focused, nurture strengths and celebrate successes.

The Wheel of Health is a tool to help assess and balance different dimensions of a person. Coaching focuses on one or more of the dimensions of the person which may include the mind, body, personal and professional relationships, spirituality and the physical environment to help you live YOUR optimally healthy, productive and fulfilled life.

Professional or executive coaching helps the client to develop a skill set to advance their career. Often, coaching involves specific assessments which assist the client in identifying strengths and communication styles in determining the best career fit for them and the best ways to use their personality style in their work environment.

Regularly scheduled contact in person or by phone ensures consistent progress toward each goal. Obstacles and strategies for overcoming them are continually addressed in order to break through any barrier to personal and professional success.

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Group Retreats

Women in the Rockies, a Wellness Adventure at C Lazy U Ranch

Women in the Rockies was born out of the desire to bring like-minded women together so they could share, learn and grow together in an optimal environment. Held at C Lazy U Ranch in the Autumn, these 5-day retreats will transform your heart with nature, horses, gorgeous scenery, mindfulness practices and structured coaching sessions.

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