How I Help

How I Help

Hello and welcome to my practice! The primary purpose of my work is to help you explore and tap into all of the wonderfully unique and powerful gifts you possess.  No matter how complicated, confusing, or scary life may be – there is a path for you to follow. I have dedicated my professional life to developing the skills and wisdom needed to help you find and nurture that sacred path. It is a path committed to living your life to the fullest, and I promise you it is well worth the effort.

My Journey

As a part of my training I was exposed to patients and their families in hospital settings. One experience served to clarify my direction.

Late one night, a man who had suffered a severe heart attack was admitted to the emergency room. I watched the ER team go to work on his heart, trying to revive him. I noticed his family members in the waiting room nearby, worried and sad. I was literally standing between the patient and his family, and at that moment I realized that I was more interested in his “heart” and his family’s reaction to this event than in his heart. Rather than focusing on the medical ways to help his physical heart pump blood and help him to survive, I realized that I was more interested in a different kind of heart. I wondered if his life was fulfilling, if his marriage was happy, if his life was filled with meaning and purpose. I was interested in the quality of the life he had lived, not just the quantity. I was interested in the effects this event would have on both the patient and his family anxiously waiting in the waiting room.

After this clarifying moment, I began to discover how I could best help people have healthy, satisfying, joy-filled and successful lives.  My focus became psychology, behavior change and ways to help people find complete health and wellness.  Graduate school gave me clinical tools to not only treat people in mental distress but to also help them set a course for a healthier balanced life.  In my career as a psychologist I have maintained an interest in the mind-body connection.

In addition to assessing and treating mental illnesses, I apply the principles of motivation, communication, relationships, goals, and how the mind affects the body.  It is my core belief in this integration of the physical and the psychological that I bring to all my work as a psychotherapist and life coach.

My current passion is in helping people who want to improve their over all well being using psychological tools and coaching in order to make a specific change. Examples would include improving overall health, dealing with stress, coping with a chronic illness and career advancement.

Every person is unique and so are their challenges, strengths and goals.

I have extensive training and experience in both psychotherapy and behavior change as well as in life coaching.  This combination allows me to collaborate with you to understand exactly what you want and need, and also what you don’t.  My training and experience allow me the range and flexibility to choose the exact tools and techniques that best complement your individual strengths and challenges.


I am Licensed Psychologist in Georgia with Doctorate and Masters degrees from the Counseling and Psychological Services Department of Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

I am a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Integrative Health Coach trained at the Duke University Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Program.

Dr. Trudi Johnston Kissiah | American Psychological Association
Dr. Trudi Johnston Kissiah | American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Dr. Trudi Johnston Kissiah | Georgia Psychological Association
Dr. Trudi Johnston Kissiah | Duke Integrative Medicine